To install electric and BT ducting, water mains, electric cables and
gas pipes the following trenching techniques show how FWI achieves
all of your installation needs.

Chain Trenching
Our specialist machines cut a trench width of 6 inches (150mm) to 12 inches (300mm) and can cut down to a depth of 1.1 metres.
With that ability we can get as close as 12 inches (300mm) to your tree and fence line.

Mini Chain Trencher
Our mini trencher is ideal for garden work or smaller projects and trenches upto 6 inches wide and 800mm deep.

Impact Moling and Pipe Ramming (Trenchless Technology)
We carry out moling under driveways, roads, yards and anywhere the customer does not want to dig up, moling
from 45mm upto 200mm in diameter.

Our specialist team install irrigation for top fruit and soft fruit, carrying out the installation of mains, header mains, valves and pump
sheds. Using our trenching machine we can get with in 12 inches (300mm) of the outside post and we dig 16mm pipes in so there
is no pipe work showing in isle.

Pipe Trailer
Our pipe trailers make handling coils of pipe easy, our trailers can handle 100 metre coils upto 110mm diameter pipe and
larger coils upto 50 metres in length.